Mission Statement

It is no coincidence that TEKcoin took on a fresh look on its second birthday. The cleaner sharper image reflects the direction for the coin’s use in the future and with crisp vision we now set out our intentions for the coin’s onward development.


  • To continue to have a coin that has fair distribution.
  • To expand the user and acceptor base for the coin’s future benefit.
  • To encourage firstly technology companies to accept TEKcoin as a payment mechanism.

Coins like children grow and evolve, after two years and some tweaking to the code the basic principles of the coin remain intact. With one further short term change to the code TEKcoin will continue as an eco-friendly competitor to all other major crypto currencies. This code change will help us achieve our first aim in ensuring fair distribution of the coin. For those of you that have followed our progress over the two years you will be aware that TEKcoins have not been generated at the high levels other POS coin chains have produced. This is mostly due to our prediction that users in general do not have the patience to wait 30 days to POS mine. We will always give careful consideration to overall coin supply, and at time of writing 45million coins makes this a rare coin with great stake rewards. This highlights that we really do consider TEKcoin a success and why we mention on our ANN that we are now in Proof of Concept era.

Moving forward we need you, the TEKcoin community, to spread the word about our Proof of Concept era principally by encouraging new users to set up wallets and begin staking for the future benefit of all those involved. It is difficult for our small team to take on this type of communication all on our own so we NEED you, the TEKcoin diehards, to encourage new members to join our community. The rewards for you doing this are that it will ensure fairer distribution, give greater value to the asset/currency and bring us far nearer to being adopted as a fair payment system in the crypto currency marketplace.

On this note we now would actively like to target the technology sector to adopt our coin for payments. Having interacted with large volumes of the community we identified that there are many of that base involved in technology or who have a specific interest in it. TEKcoin was originally designed for mass distribution and as a direct competitor to BTC and LTC, and that won’t change. However the first steps of a thousand begin with one and we now want to target small to medium sized technology companies who would like to take crypto payments to reflect their own image as progressive.

With your help and our team behind the concept we wish to pursue a potential user group that are disenfranchised from the Apple and IBM networks. These types of company are more inclined to adopt a coin that is similarly not too large in scale and that can grow with them.

In summary the simple steps laid out above should help us promote to users and adopters but we can’t do it without YOUR help.


YobiCode 3/6/16 for 5k free TEKcoin for the first person who claims it


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