Fair? Premines and Instamines

TEKcoin has proven to be fair right from the start and is still going strong after well over 2 years. With no premine and a fair initial distribution as shown by independent third parties here.

Premine and Instamine Investigation

In the previous year’s many other higher rate proof of stake coins have been released and most fail within a few months. One of the overlooked and ofton unmentioned reasons this tends to happen is developers sneaking a premine, an instamine, or utilizing a block halving schemes to unfairly reward the early adopters. TEKcoin used non of these unfair early adopter rewarding strategies. TEKcoin uses a controlled and very low steady pow emission allowing for a fair distribution to a large group of dedicated supporters.

TEKcoin was built on a solid fair start as proven to be a long lived coin. Backed by a solid community and a strong network TEKcoin is building towards a bright future.

For another look at instamines and premines take a look at this youtube video.